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Monday, August 27, 2012


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Watched it Monday morning. Even Mika had the good sense to be embarrassed. What a dolt. And who dresses this guy? Really, you're on national television and you're dressed like a homeless guy.


I do wish the Republican guy had done a better job explaining the joke.

I mean, I got it right away. Obama doesn't think like a American. I don't mean to say that there aren't Americans who share Obama's values and assumptions and biases; there obviously are. But that set of values and assumptions and biases is not American inasmuch as it disregards or shows contempt for so much of what defines America: Liberty, opportunity, initiative, entrepreneurial vigor, affection for America as a country. Obama doesn't seem to have any affection for America; he seems to feel that being American is a handicap he wants to get past.

Nobody doubts where Romney was born because he thinks like an American. Romney could have been born in Paris and the locals would have called him "too American" in his attitudes. Obama could have moved to Paris and nobody would have ever called him "too American"; they'd have been surprised to learn he was actually born in the U.S. and would be unsurprised to learn that most of his early years were spent outside it.

So that's the joke: Nobody doubts Romney's birth, nor would have even if he weren't a native. With Obama, even those of us who know perfectly well that he was technically born within the U.S. don't quite feel that he's, y'know, from here.

Funny Sidebar: The people who often seem the most "from" America are the recent immigrants who experienced adult life outside the U.S. and came here hoping for citizenship. If it weren't for their accents, you'd never know they weren't born-n-bred. Obama has no accent, but he still comes across as a vaguely Manchurian candidate.

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