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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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Kris, in New England

Here's the thing: we need to stop listening to what celebrities say about politics. If they want to run for office then they will possibly have a point to make. Otherwise they need to shut up and do their jobs - for which they are paid ridiculous amounts of money that provide them with a lavish lifestyle that, in fact, makes them the top cream of the 1%; the 1% they claim to despise. They don't make decisions for themselves, none of them pay their own bills, they likely don't carry cash or credit cards because they have "people" for that.

In short - they are utterly out of touch with the average American and it's time we average people just start ignoring them. Don't give them a stage and they will go away.

Boxcar Freddy

I don't personally remember it, but a guy told me that the last thing that Ellen Barkin successfully participated in was a hobo g**gb**g behind a 7-11 in NYC.

Hope that helps. Great page by the way.

{Edited slightly because I'm trying to keep a PG-13 rating on the site - *Admin}

Boxcar Freddy

Admin: I apologize. I didn't realize the page had a PG rating. Mea Culpa.

Best regards,

"Boxcar Freddy"

P.S. Edited still works



No sweat bud... you didn't know...


Ellen Barking? Who is that?

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