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Friday, August 31, 2012


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I don't think a lot of people appreciate the impact of The Empty Chair.

Here's how it played, for me:

I thought the timing was off, sometimes, and that the old-guy disjointedness, if feigned, was feigned not only too convincingly, but a bit too often, distracting from the humor of it.

But I am left thinking it was all pretty brilliant, nonetheless.

Basically, The Empty Chair is now the world's short-hand, their icon, their chat-room avatar, to represent Obama.

I guarantee you: The Empty Chair as Obama is the next Internet Meme. Every trite pointless phrase that exits his mouth is going to be superimposed on a photo of an empty chair, like one of those LOLcats or the ORLY owls from years back.

In fact, while watching it, I wondered if they shouldn't have had an empty suit, perhaps with a white shirt and one of Obama's more often-worn ties, propped up in the chair to make the point more directly. You know: "Just an empty suit."

But, no, I decided: The Empty Chair is more accurate. The chair of President has been empty for the last four years. We've had an interregnum, a sede vacante situation. I mean, there's a guy there, sort of, but there's so little leadership you'd never know it.

Oh, and with a teleprompter sitting in front of the empty chair, too! Classic!


The Empty Chair as Obama is the next Internet Meme.

I totally agree.

And so it begins:

(the chair is exactly like the one Eastwood used)

I laughed during Eastwood's monologue. I thought it was clever, funny, and I totally got the concept of the empty chair president.

I also thought it was pure entertainment wrapped around a core of truth. I'm not surprised the liberal lefties perceived it as rambling nonsense though; they have no sense of humor and the satirical irony of the empty chair completely eludes them.

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