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Monday, July 16, 2012


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Walter Cronanty

Obama's "rule" can be stated as follows: "If you're successful, it's because of somebody else; therefore, you should pay a ton more in taxes in order to pay that somebody back and/or help others become successful." This leads to two corollaries.
The first is: "The only proper avenue for showing your gratitude to those who help you and/or to help those who need help is through paying taxes to the government."
The second is: "If you are unsuccessful, it's not your fault. It's because somebody, somewhere hasn't helped you. Therefore, take all the government benefits you can until you magically become successful."
Obama's "rule" and its corollaries are perfect rationales for those who support government socialism instead of private charities, for those who wish to avoid personal responsibility for their choices in life, and for those who wish to sit on their asses and suck off the public teat.
Thus, the "rule" and its corollaries play to just about all of the various special interest groups Obama depends on for support. Brilliant!

Darren Tioga

This hardly seems controversial. Almost all business rely on effective communication systems, efficient roads, respect for property rights, social order, transparent and accessible system of justice, reliable power etc. etc. That kind of infrastructure and support most certainly did not originate with the individual business - they benefit from the labors of others, including government.

Another made up controversy by lazy journalists, impressionable voters, and a pathological liar who even John McCain despised enough to reject him for Sarah Palin. Romney - a winner in the lucky sperm club sweepstakes - has lost the ability to be truthful about anything.


Quick question Darren... Would you be willing to call Obama a pathological liar?

chuck aka xtnyoda

I've been trying to remember the last time I saw a government worker with a shovel in his/her hand, and using it? (other than at a photo opp for a ground breaking)

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