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Sunday, July 29, 2012


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This purported crime of incorrectness is becoming a pitched battle against Chick Fil a. Chick Fil a use to run an advertisement that made the comment..."it's more than just a chicken sandwich.'

This battle with Chick Fil a is more than just an issue of free speech. This battle is for the very core of Christian beliefs and the right to continue to openly espouse your faith and belief in the words of Jesus Christ in America.

As I have remarked on countless occasions in the past when addressing similar attacks by the homosexual lobby and their leftist supporters, this is not about any supposed rights they are being denied homosexuals. This is a false flag operation that is about homosexuals and their attempts to deny everyone else their rights, by demonizing any and all opposition to homosexual deviancy.

The favored weapon of the homosexual attack is now to attempt to paint any and all references of biblical teachings in opposition to homosexuality as 'hate speech' and thereby branding anyone who openly speaks of or supports biblical teaching as a hate monger.

Of course the obvious hypocrisy is their intentional ignoring of the position taken on homosexuality by other faiths such as Islam, who take a far more direct and opposing position to homosexuality to the point of sanctioning the killing of all homosexuals.

But no, let's ignore the Muslim perspectives and teachings, while we hammer away at Christians and those with the audacity to speak in support of the teachings of Christ.

This coming Wednesday, I plan to join millions of other like minded Americans in lending my support to Chick Fil a, but I
am not lulled into thinking or believing for one minute that my act will change or sway the left or their socialist secular humanist meme of hate against Christians.

Christ said that Christians would be persecuted for their beliefs in the end times and that is now coming to pass. I challenge all Christians and all Americans who believe in the Christian principles that this country was founded upon, to come out and join us this Wednesday. The time has come for taking stands and making stands America.

Kris, in New England

I agree with Locutisprime - this is an attack on Christianity and we are seeing it more and more as time passes.

2 weeks ago the youth of my parish went on a 3-day retreat; by all accounts it was an amazing, spirit-filled time in communion with God and each other. Teens being what they are, the group excitedly Tweeted their experiences - and received hate speech and attacks on their faith, from their friends. These are just kids from a tiny New England town; imagine what it's like for the same kids in large cities. Or their families as they struggle to get their kids to want to go to church in the face of relentless peer pressure.

The wicked game, it is on. Be prepared.


I'm in! Eat mor chikin.

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