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Thursday, July 26, 2012


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When I was 24 and just married my wife, being catholic, wanted to avoid using birth control. I convinced her that during those 7-12 days a month she might get pregnant that we should stick to oral sex. Ahhh! Those were the good old days...


It's my understanding that oral sex is a sin. (1980's CCD) Did that change?



Marla Hughes

Nothing like getting off topic, huh Rick.
I'm sorry, but I'm LOLing here.
Back to the topic.
Unfortunately, though I disagree completely and vehemently, they're going to lose. The Civil Rights Act of 1964. A business can't cite the owner's religious beliefs as a reason for discrimination. NOT that it's comparable, but that's one of the reasons given for barring black people from white businesses (religious grounds) and it was tossed out.


It seems to me the proper solution to this, is to move the purchasing of insurance from the employer, to the employee. It shouldn't make a difference from the employers perspective, 5k written off paid to the insurance company, or the employee, should be a wash. The employee on the other hand may not be able to purchase insurance as advantageously, but would have more choice. Seems obvious to me.

All of this foolishness is an outgrowth of bad tax policies forcing businesses to provide benefits instead of salary.

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