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Saturday, July 14, 2012


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Is it moral or proper or reasonable for women to have children who then starve to death or otherwise suffer because the woman couldn't provide for her children? A related and not insignificant question is; is it proper for aid groups to provide aid to women and children when contraception was offered and refused? I fully embrace the idea that individuals should be able to make their own choices and follow their own religious beliefs but shouldn't that make them ineligible for financial, food or medical aid?


My assumption GWTH is that you did not click through to the link and read through why Ms. Gates assertion that providing birth control in third world countries is not controversial is pure bovine fecal matter...

And that this is the point of this post.


Birth control is a band-aid. It doesn't solve the problem. In fact, if one were to watch the video (or just think it out), one would realize that birth control opens the door to new problems caused largely by increased sexual activity.

Moral issues should be treated as such. Simple answers do not address the real problem. Drugs are a simple answer. Education and respect for women would be a much better approach. Gates, her partners, and the British government should throw $4 billion at that!


Rick you begged the question. Is it moral for women to bring children into the world knowing they will die of starvation or suffer because they cannot afford to give them the care they need? Maybe you would prefer if I asked if it were controversial for women to birth children into poverty and famine? Gee! Not controversial but birth control is?

How about this for a simple answer: Don't have children you cannot afford to feed.


I begged no question of the sort. The focus is the assertion made by Ms. Gates that there is no controversy when in fact there is much... Her assertion is made with the intent to shut down opposition... The video was made to counter that attempt.

The rest isn't relevant.


How about this for a simple answer: Don't have sex if you can't afford to raise a child. That would be the best form of birth control, but those advocating for more drug induced birth control seem to never consider it.

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