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Tuesday, July 03, 2012


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Kris, in New England

Ms. Longoria makes $8.4 million for 19 weeks of work in a year. While I am annoyed at yet another person basically calling me a traitor to my sex because I choose to exercise the same freedom of speech that she and ilk do - she is an actress.

Period. Overpaid. Overdressed. Overindulged. It is time we stop listening to these celebrities. They need to leave the heavy lifting to people who are actually qualified to hold down a real job.

Iris Celeste

People don't go into the entertainment business because they are so brilliant they could do anything... If that were the case, they would analyze the likelihood of making it in the business without compromising their principle (assuming the people have any principle to begin with) and choose another career path... It is just another brain dead entertainer, nothing to see, move along... Don't expect her to know what the Catholic faith teaches...


What Kris and Iris said.

Actors are the most insecure, narcissistic people on the planet. Almost all of them are liberals because it allows them to feel good about themselves and every self indulgent choice they make, including choices in direct opposition to the teachings of the Church.


She is a liberal first and a Catholic second. Her liberalism trumps any Catholic beliefs she has. The three previous comments sum her up very well.

Chris Vehr

If you're a woman, the only way you don't vote Republican is to compromise your Catholic belief system.

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