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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


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magicjack fan

The Internet Atheist huddles with his peer group, repeating the same cherished legends over and over, safe in a bubble of epistemic closure in which shibboleths like “Flying Spaghetti Monster!” and “Galileo!” and “Stem Cells” are repeated like old nuns telling their beads

tim aka The Godless Heathen

What the hey?!?! I totally missed this one.

You ‘re correct, Rick. The oh so smarter-than-every-else-internet-atheist give all of non believers a bad name.

Unlike them I’ve never felt the need to put down or belittle anyone for their faith. In so doing they only make “our side” look petty. If “we” are truly correct, than the facts, such as they are, should/will stand on their own. Just as the opposite is true.

At the end of the day, nobody knows. I’m suppose to believe that the cosmos is pure happenstance? That the complexities that is Man is but a wonderful accident of nature. That an all knowing, all powerful God lets innocent children suffer the most unspeakable of horrors. Who knows.

Discuss and respect differing opinions. Isn’t that enlightenment? If one is true in their convictions than they should be able to demonstrate their righteousness and convince the other side.

At the end of the day, for me personally at least, the topic is so far down the totem pole of importance of what is important regarding what I have in common with and appreciate about someone’s company. Most of my friends are pious, and they certainly don’t mind that I’m not. Their not offended when I don’t join them in Grace, and I’m not offended when they get spiritual. And we move on…with life.

I wonder who do the internet atheists hang out with. And are they truly happy being so miserable?

like id tell you

listen you a-whole i didn't even read your whole paper i only had to read on part "how dumb they are" and i went right down here i have 135 iq i'm in advanced classes and have accelerated logic skills i am a internet atheist


Ad hominem and straw men are the norm for believers of shaky fairy tales.

What else is new? What else do they really have?

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