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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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This correlation was being made by many in talk radio yesterday. Not a dimes worth of difference between Dan Cathy's position and Obama's before he 'evolved.' Yet Cathy is demonized by the homosexual lobby.

Either way, I will join millions tomorrow for my Chick Fil a sandwich and waffle fries. and the collective left can kiss my grits.

I support Dan Cathy and Chick Fil a.


I think the difference is that the collective left knows that Mr.
Cathy is sincere when he states his beliefs, and they know that
our president... well, not so much.

chuck aka xtnyoda

Just returned from the Little Rock Chick Fil A shop. Drove through, got to the pick up window. The young man handed us our order and said, "There's no charge today sir, it's on us!" They would not let me pay one red cent!

Just wondering if that's going on else where?

Oh, and lots of smiles inside that window.

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