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Friday, July 20, 2012


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I sent the following to my local ABC station:

Today during the coverage of the Aurora shooting tragedy, ABC network reporter Brian Ross initially reported that the shooter was affiliated with the Tea Party. This was eventually walked back, but not before the person misidentified began receiving serious threats. This is beyond sloppy; it is irresponsible.

I realize that Mr. Ross is not part of ****, a station I have relied on for 25 years, but he does appear in many network stories. I have written ABC directly, but input from their affiliates will surely have more impact. I am not a Tea Party member, only a 60+ citizen who remembers when the press. had higher standards, and violating those standards had consequences.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

I wonder if the a-hole checked the Occupy, or any of the other leftists loony clubs, for any affiliation as obviously as quickly as he did the Tea Party?

Remember when incompetence was punished, now it seems it’s rewarded.

I don’t like the word, and don’t use it often, but I hate Brain Ross, and those like him. He/they are what is wrong with our country, in so many ways.

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