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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


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Jim B

My problem over the years hasn't been disillusionment with God: it's been disillusionment with the Catholic Church which has lurched from a child abuse scandal to advocating for ObamaCare despite the obvious endgame that they are now protesting - that it was always going to wind up paying for contraceptives and abortion.

The Church has been hijacked by Jesuits with a Marxist agenda. My wife just completed a five year doctoral degree at a supposedly Catholic university where she was forced to sit down and shut up lest her disagreement with their ultra-left-wing political views get her kicked out of the program. And yes, they EXPRESSLY told her that. She was forced to read a book of Marxist cant authored by Jesuits which extolled the virtues of the Marxist rebels in South America as part of her curriculum.

If the Church REALLY cared about disillusionment then they would rein in the Jesuits which are contradicting Church teachings and practicing politics in the name of the Catholic faith.

He doesn't address that, and these days it seems, that would be the more common problem that Catholics are having.

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