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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


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Just pre-ordered that magazine for my own nieces, thanks to your post. :)

What a brilliant idea for a magazine.


A few weeks ago I saw a bird doing a display dance for another bird. What little I know about birds leads me to believe it was a male bird courting a female bird. Most animals do this and sometimes it's the male and sometimes the female of the species. With most humans it is the female that "displays" to attract attention. I assume this is natural and the whole "Stares from men = attention" equation is nothing more then denial. Yes, this is what women do! Men, in general, are not attractive, don't primp or put on lipstick and eyeshadow, women do. Women are attractive, their bodies were designed to attract males for the purpose of mating. Is all of this too blunt to be acceptable? More importantly it is fact. It appears to me that at some point a woman dislikes this role, and often this occurs after they are past their prime or no longer find themselves attractive. It is then that they seem to develop remorse and want other wome to not dress to attract. Is it jealousy? Do they find themselves less sexy if to many others are too sexy? Are they still seeking attention and now their focus is on reducing the competition?

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