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Sunday, July 08, 2012


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I remember as a child looking at the church architecture. It's a non-verbal message that lingers. It also contributed to my sense of awe, and created a large, hushed space where my mom could linger before and after mass, without having to "shush" me.

When I was a kid, few parents took the bags filled with toys and food to church. We were entertained by the beauty that surrounded us.


Consider that when God had the children of Israel build the Tabernacle and then the Temple, that He gave VERY DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS, and those instructions included people giving their finest for God and the whole place was done in fabulous detail in gold and silver...if you calculated todays gold cost to Solomon's day the temple would be one expensive build. There have always been poor and yet God did not have them cheap down the construction...He gave detailed instructions that were to be followed to the letter. When I have visited the Vatican and the Vatican Museum, I have been greatly moved, sprititually by the beauty anbd the gifts given to God and the Church by artisans, kings, emperors adn people fromn every walk...they gave their best...the place is full of people giving their best to God over a two thousand year period. Far from being offended God calls us to always give our best and give extravegantly both in the building and in our ministries within the Church and outside of the church to the poor, the least, lost and lost. Where God is probably offended is if the building is a beautiful shell and empty of true spiritual worship towards loving God and loving our brother and sister. I have enjoyed visiting many of the great cathedrals of of the things that made them so incredible and great is that in the art, the sculptures, stained glass, doors and so many other features God stories are everywhere to be seen and read by people whether they could read or not. To me those who are offended by such structures do not understand that when we are called to love the Lord our God with our all and our neighbor as is not an either or thing and it is with our best in both. When the woman brought the expensive perfume and poured it out on Jesus' feet, the disciples and bystanders were offended but Jesus said that this story would be told whereever the gospel was told (and not in a negative way...) he appreciated and commended her faith and her sacrifice...and it was a beautiful thing. When sitting in a great cathedral or expensive Church you can focus on how much the building cost or you can choose to worship God and focus on Him...because as awesome as the building is, He is worthy to be praised and worshipped with our best. Next time adjsut your focus, fix your eyes on Jesus.

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