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Monday, June 25, 2012


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Ron Henzel

I believe that the Watergate scandal left an indelible mark on my generation — the one that was passing through junior high and high school at the time, and had its youthful idealism and naïveté about government exploded earlier than I think the previous generation's had. I hope that the Fast and Furious scandal does not lead to the same kind of generational disillusionment. As a middle school history teacher, I've endeavored to explain to my students just how disillusioning that entire period was. I put together a video summarizing the events. You can watch it at

chuck aka xtnyoda

Ron, I've been told by close, dear friends from Mexico that I should not come there for at least 3 years. I've been going since the late 70's. 2 of the exact areas where we've read about dumping of mutilated bodies are the exact locations I have been to.

The last time we were there a group approached us with drawn weapons and ordered us to not return or they would kill us. Our group went back 3 months later to put in a water pump for a village that had no running water.

The national pastor took our group directly to the gang and said, "Here we are." They did allow us to put in the pump for the village, but we have not been able to return.

It is heart breaking what is happening in Mexico, truly heart breaking. For anyone to try and equate Watergate with Fast and Furious is .... well ... remarkable. Not saying you are. The 2 situations are worlds apart.

Nixon's guys had what, 1 document? How many secret files were found illegally on Hillary's desk while 1st lady? 800 or so? What ever became of that? Just can't remember.

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