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Thursday, June 28, 2012


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I'm hoping that this SCOTUS decision will re-energize the voters
of this country and we have a repeat of the Nov. 2010 elections.
That odious legislation must be strangled in the crib.


Yes, I think this is a blessing for Romney. But, if I understand it correctly, the decision doesn't say the mandate is a tax but only the penalty if you don't comply is a tax. So, if you buy insurance, you are not taxed. If you don't, then you are taxed. So, it would make more sense if they raised taxes $6000 on everybody... then gave everybody a $6000 voucher to buy insurance.

The whole thing is hopeless (I hope) and Romney with a new congress (please, God) will repeal ACA in January and give us something better. We need options like the ability to purchase inexpensive catastrophic insurance and freedom to buy across state lines. We also need expanded HSAs and tort reform. Here's hoping Romney and a new congress will make that happen.


Obama is soooo amused by his own arrogance.

The Ranter

I had someone, when I posted this article (, comment that 90% of the nation won't see an increase in taxes. I asked for a source, but he hasn't responded yet. Do you know of any sources on that?


Ranter, I've not seen anything to substantiate that statement. And I doubt you'll see a response but if you do, let us know.

The Ranter

This was his response:
"Your article this article and this article and a little bit of math."

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