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Saturday, June 02, 2012


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The Catholic bishops were quite willing to help foist this moral and legal monstrosity – this tyrannical act, this immoral and contra-Constitutional assault upon our liberties – upon the rest of us. Now, they want to whine because its logical implications are being applied to them and to the sub-bureaucracies they oversee.

Their tits are caught in the wringer they helped build, and the rest of us are supposed to care that their allies have turned on them? The fact is, most American Catholic bishops *are* leftists. The secondary fact is that most seem to be too stupid to see that their assigned role in the leftist enterprise is to fulfill the role of “useful idiot”.


Ilion, I agree that many of our bishops have for decades been
fools for ignoring the hatred the left has for the Church. Many
have been naive, or are stuck cleaning up after their naive

However, I'm not going to let my exasperation with their foolish-
ness tempt me to turn my back on them now. I believe the
scales have fallen from the eyes of many now that the left has
shown its malevolent intentions.

It might be briefly satisfying to tell the bishops "I told you so",
but the truth is that if we turn our backs on them because we
feel they have their fates coming to them, we do a horrible
disservice to them, to our Church, and to ourselves and our
society. We can't let these b@$tards win.


May it be so ... however much I expect that it will not.

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