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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

Part of me is glad Barry doesn’t commemorate D-Day, I hate when people do or say things they really don’t believe in. Which basically encompasses the whole charade of his presidency (besides attempting to “fundamentally transform” this great country).

At least it’s the last one he’ll be able to ignore. He can go back and hang out with Ayers, Rev. Wright and the rest of the losers…write yet another book that nobody will read…play golf…compare his time in DC with Jimmy Carter…community organize…


I agree with Tim. Any attempt Obama would make to honor D-Day would come across as the shallow meaningless lip-service it would be. Everything Obama does is about him, and there's simply no way for him to put a self-centered spin on approximately 10,000 Allied casualties.


Do you think he, or anyone in his administration, know what it was and what it means?

Anyone who can perceive the bust of Churchill only through the eyes of a man that fathered, then abandoned him, does not "get" this day.


What it all comes down to is this, he simply does not care.

Jeffrey Nichols

We do not have a President, we have a community organizer.

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