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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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If he instead had shot a policeman and was himself a black man then half the celebraties in Hollywood would be demonstrating for his release.


I have been on vacation and am, therefore, out of the loop. But after seeing this and doing a little research, I've come to two conclusions:

1. Angela Corey must go. She's insane.

2. My little corner of Florida (Marion County) may be the only sane portion of the state.


She is insane


This woman is out of her mind she is over abusing her power and needs to be put out of her position. Not only for this case but also for Christian Fernandez putting him through what he is going through is going to lead to more turmoil. His mother is the one who is at fault kids play, they have accidents and it was the mothers responsibility to get her son to the hospital but she didn't. Makes you wonder did she abuse the child and Christian is covering for her hmmm?

Melita Morgan

Angela Corey...... Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.... and she absolutely is not the person who should be standing in her shoes of authority ....the women is not the least bit remotely interested in justice, how does this women sleep at night. She herself should be locked up she commits crimes against humanity and basic human rights and the very laws that make laws and exercises them.

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