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Thursday, May 24, 2012


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bob sykes

In order that we might write the nurse to express our contempt, please publish her name. With that we can find her.


The nurse,principal and any employee of the school who saw what was happening should be fired. Not one of these employees thought
to call 911?

Why did the nurse lock the door?

Note to this mother: sue the whole bunch over their stupidity. You should never have to work again.


If this had been a female underage student who was pregnant they would help her get an abortion without consent of her parents.


GoneWithTheWind beat me to it; I immediately thought of the evil irony that this same nurse could easily have arranged for an abortion for a female student, no parental consent required. But give a boy his asthma inhaler? Nope, not doing that without the proper paperwork.

I don't know what's worse, the inhumanity of this situation, or that it does not surprise me at all. We are talking about public school here, in all its unionized overfunded and untouchable glory.

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