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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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Jennifer of Conversion Diary posted an answer the question, how do you know if your culture is evil? Her simple, correct IMO answer was, (paraphrasing)

Do you deny the humanity of any portion of your population?

Yes = Evil.


Poor, defenseless children! For this guy, 1200 of them!

This should be a crime. Although a woman has a right to do what she wants to her body, it should only be up to a certain point (conception). That child, that mini human being, that baby has rights as well. The child's body is NOT the mother's body. It should be protected.

This doctor is psychotic. I hope he has nightmares about those little faces staring back at him.


Isn't he testifying on behalf of pending legislation to limit the time frame for abortions? I took it that he now realizes the error of his ways.

Roberta Robinson

poor little babies, I cried watching this. with teh right indoctination people can be very cruel without giving it a second thought.



Anya -- You amy be correct. He may now have remorse, I'm not sure. Either way, he murdered 1200 human beings. There are many doctors who refuse to do such procedures. He's not one of them. God may forgive him, but I'm human. I don't.


I think the doctor has repented. When he asks us to imagine a pro-choice doctor, he uses the past tense, "as I was." He admits the baby feels pain. No pro-choice doctor is going to admit that. While we grieve over the hideous acts he committed, we must rejoice at his repentance and attempts to make what amends are possible. I see this testimony as such an attempt. God bless you, doctor. May your tribe increase!


A repentant Adolf Hitler still oversaw the killing of millions. Do we forgive him? Sure, it's good that the doctor eventually saw the error of his ways, but he's still responsible for what happened. 1200 Human lives were lost to his hands, no less valuable than human lives taken by any other murderer.


Do we forgive him? If we want/expect to be forgiven, yes.

"forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us."

Forgiving certainly does not mean condoning or accepting the behavior. It merely removes the extracting of Justice from our hands and puts it in the Hands of God; the Just and Merciful Hands of God.

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