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Monday, May 21, 2012


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Morgan K Freeberg

March 2012, the President compares Himself with Mandela and Ghandi. A month later the jobs figures came out, unemployment rate c-r-e-p-t downward a notch, as the labor participation rate continued to crash through the floor. Gas prices went up some more.

Birther In Chief played a few rounds of golf, then released His NCAA March Madness picks.

He just sucks. If He's your very favorite skin color in the whole universe, and you agree with Him on every issue, He still sucks. He blames the predecessor and then plays golf, comes back, does some more blaming. He just sucks.


The problem is Chris Christie is understating the problem. From the beginning he has been in the tank for government employee unions, NOW, and the most racist factions of the NAACP.
When Arizona decided to enforce immigration laws, Obama got a call from union bosses in Chicago or Pittsburgh. Illegal aliens get nominal jobs in Chicago, but their kids, when enrolled in school allow schools to ding the state government for up to $69,000 each. How dare Arizona stop the underground railroad that supplies the student body count for the teachers unions.
He is simply a delivery boy for the unions.

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