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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

“The first lady made roughly the same stump speech of recent weeks, chronicling the acomplishments of her husband's first term, from the auto industry rescue to health care reform, ending the war in Iraq and the killing of Osama bin Laden.”

Oh please, that list is so freakin’ weak it makes Pee Wee Herman look tough.

The auto “industry”? No, not even, GM and Chrysler (Not Ford) took the money, haven’t paid it all back nor rehired all that had been laid off. And was started under his predecessor for whom he only blames and never credits.

Obamacare is in very real danger of being strike down in the SCOTUS soon. Plus either way, it is was and is hugely unpopular, beyond expensive and an infringement on individual liberty.

The Iraq war ending was the result of the “failed policies of the last administration“. The then Sen. Obama is on record as being opposed to the surge that ultimately was the defining and definitive end to that conflict.

Yes, it’s true Pres. Obama, as CinC, gave the final order to kill Bin Laden. A decision that was a no-brainer and speaks volumes about the man who needs to steal credit from the courageous warriors who risk life and limb to carry out the actual mission. What else could he have done, said no?

The list of failures is far more extensive and easily outweighs this ridiculously weak and often repeated ad nauseam attempt to prop up the empty suit that we now have as president. Rather like telling how brilliant he is, or what a great speaker he is…or how beautiful Michelle’s arms are…


"... he knows what it means when women aren't treated fairly in
the workplace".

Oh, but Mrs. Obama was treated fairly indeed. When her husband
became a senator, she was offered a newly-created part-time
position with the University of Chicago medical center, in charge
of its diversity programs. Her compensation was 317K a year.

The job was so important, that when she had to resign to move
to Washington with her husband in 2009, the U of C did not
bother to find a replacement for her payola, er, I mean position.


This woman is completely dellusional and an affirmative action entitlement fraud. She could not define accomplishment because she has achieved nothing. Dictator tyrant types will give speeches saying the country is fine no matter what is going on. Kind of reminds me of Saddam and his spokesman saying they were winning a war when the walls were crumbling around them. This mindset is now in the USA and firmly entrenched in the White House.

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