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Thursday, March 29, 2012


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

Putting aside the enviro-wacko aspect of it all and the “occupy” mindset of the folks involved in this, I must say it all is quite fascinating and in the proper context and usage be very beneficial. I frequent a few small housing websites/blogs and find the possibilities of their ideas intriguing.

Small housing, while maybe not very practical or even desirable for everyday living for the average person, can be in the right situation just the solution. For example, a hunting or lake/ski cabin, survivalist structure for the upcoming Barackalypse, FEMA temporary housing for natural disaster survivors, homeless shelters, and even starter homes for anarchists, wannabee hippies or rock stars.

The variety, ingenuity and even the emphasis on reclaimed components is extremely interesting. I encourage anyone who is a DYIer to check it out because I guarantee you’ll find something useful from these nut jobs. Ya’ just have to ignore their freakin’ bleeding heart, global warming, liberal drivel.


It is peasant housing.

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