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Saturday, March 03, 2012


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Um...yes, sometimes what is known as a "birth control pill" is the best treatment for some things, like the endometriosis it turns out that I have. The only other options are an IUD or a hysterectomy. I opted for the pills.

Having said that, I don't expect anyone, not even my insurance, to pay for them because they ARE used as birth control pills, too, by other people.


Even for a hooker she's pretty did she get into college? Oh, right...


I can not believe Rush Limbaugh issued a public apology to this slut for calling her a slut:

The world really has gone mad.

AllyHM, I know that there are woman such as yourself who use the pill to treat medical conditions. I even know of women who use it for dermatological reasons. That being true, the vast majority of women use it purely for birth control. It's disingenuous of Fluke and her sponsors on Capitol Hill to argue that somehow a sizable number of women will be denied crucial--even life saving--health care for serious conditions if they can't get free birth control pills.

Morgan K Freeberg


Standard Morgan rule still applies, in fact, it applies here even more than in other situations: Take this one, filter out the elements of the situation that arouse the greatest emotion and therefore seduce reason, and then re-evaluate.

Imagine Sandra Fluke is a dude. He goes up before Congress to say, I need taxpayers to pay for my headache medication, and occasional perforations of my skull to relieve the pressure of bleeding on the brain, because I like to hit my own head with a hammer. I do it a lot, In fact, I think I’ll do it right now…whee! ++Wham++.

Famous radio personality goes on the air and says, what a f*cking idiot.

He’s subsequently forced to apologize.

You can see more clearly from this hypothetical that there are some important issues that aren’t entirely clear in the Sandra Fluke mess. We are individuals; individuals make choices and some of these choices are bad ones. To be a strong society, we need the individuals who make bad choices, to watch and learn from the other individuals who do not make the same bad choices — not the other way around.

Time to invoke the apocryphal John Wayne quote: Life is tough, it's tougher if you're stupid.


Random Thoughts: I was responding to specific question in the original blog post. BTW, I have used birth control pills for birth control in my life. I'm not Catholic. I used them in a time in my life where I was a bit of a wild child, and I used them during my first marriage (for which I am ETERNALLY THANKFUL because having to share custody of a child with that man would have been unbearable). I have no need of them now (married to a godly man who just happens to have been "fixed" long before I met him and long before he came to Christ). But see, here's the thing: getting pregnant and having children would have put both me and the baby at great risk due to certain medical issues I have that are no big deal seperately but are a recipe for disaster when combined. In fact, I miscarried very early on twice with my first husband. God knew what he was doing all along. Bearing children was not God's path for me; helping to raise my two now-grown step-daughters (and now our two grandchildren) was. LASTLY, through all of the time I took hormone pills AS birth control, I paid for it myself, out of my own pocket, and I didn't expect anyone else to pay for it since I was making my own choice about my personal behavior. I may have been raised by liberal parents, but they did instill personal responsibility and accountability in me (I know, I'm as shocked as you are).


They made a meme.

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