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Thursday, March 22, 2012


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Larry Sheldon

I am not a doctor, I am not medically trained at all unless you count being raised by parents who could not afford much but who did understand more than they got credit for, rearing three female athletes, and living to be 73 (well, in another two weeks or so).

And unless you count being the husband of a woman who Has Been There. She was diagnosed in 1994, had the surgery, reduction surgery on the other side to restore some balance, did not do the chemo.

But what she did do was all the exercise she could tolerate (or maybe a bit more because of one of our daughters and I leaning) a bit.

She did all the PT, And as a result she suffers the minimum possible--very few "I can'ts.

I recommend that. (She has had other surgery too --knee surgeries, rotator cuff repairs -- and except for the first cuff repair where the surgeon didn't "believe in" PT, she has recovered essential full use (better than full use, in some cases).

So I recommend that you make it clear that you love her even when she begins to wonder, agree on a signal that means "I really must stop for a bit" that you will honor and that she will not abuse.

To the extent that I have the power, I guarantee that in five years you all will be glad you did.


Praying. And yes, of course....treasure every moment. (From one who knows.)

Morgan K Freeberg

That's really wonderful. Great news, Rick. All my hopes.


Great news Rick!

chuck aka xtnyoda

Good, good news!

My little Sis had the same when she was only 33. She turned 59 last week and is healthy and robust as any 59 year old on this planet.

Her dear husband walked ever step of the way with her. A good, good man.

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