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Monday, March 05, 2012


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My grandmother use to say, "you are known by the company you keep." and it looks like Obama is on schdeule to maintain the asame associations that he has for the past twenty or more years.

Bringing them into the fold one by one much like he did with Eric holder. This appointment affords Holder more of an opportunity to chip away at American civil liberties and to bestow gratuitous rights on undeserving aliens. Which all fall right in with the administraions world view.

Why do I see visions of Obama and holder and the others of this regime literally taking sledge hammers to our constitution? Much like the vision of Muslims in Bengahzi Libya desecrating the cemeteries of honored WWII allied war dead who have been at peace for sevebty years now.

I see the same images. I see the same level of hatred in both representations. And there will be a reckoning.


I can't remember what the attorney said at the trial in defense of Lindh, and I find the developments at the Holder DoJ to be frightening for any American who loves the Constitution. However, it is a principle of law that everyone deserves to be represented by counsel, and I think we do need to keep that in mind. Sometimes a defense lawyer advises the client that the best thing to do is plead guilty or cooperate with an investigation. But everyone deserves to be defended in court.


Good heavens, you WANT lawyers who defended the most horrific persons on your prosecution team. Such are infinitely better equipped to destroy the opposition in court than are attorneys who never took on a case. Also, that's how our system works. The best protection we have against tyranny is giving serial killers their rights in courts of law. The issue came up before & Judge Starr (of Monica Lewinsky fame), along with virtually everyone else, agreed that the attorneys who serve controversial clients (by which is meant especially foul ones) are serving our country in the highest possible capacity. Quite seriously, the rights of Lindh are the most important that exist.

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