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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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My instinctive response to this is so profane, that the tamest version I can type is "What the hell?!" And I can't put together so much as a phrase about Hurlbert without using descriptors my mamma did not raise me to use.

In a twisted sort of way, that flag is perfect. It reveals just how much some people believe Obama is above the country he purportedly serves, and just how insanely devoted they are to him, beyond all sense and reason.

As a military mom though, it makes me long for the day my son will serve under a CIC worthy of him and his fellow soldiers...rather than an overinflated narcissistic empty suit.


This is my neck of the woods (I live in the county just to the north and work in the county just to the west of Lake County, FL, and my work "territory" covers Lake County). Believe me, if she chooses to fly it again, those veterans will be on her like white on rice again. They are watching. Make no mistake about that. If anyone would like to express his or her opinion directly to this headquarters, you can find contact information here (including an online email form):[]=1

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