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Thursday, March 01, 2012


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I happened to listen to Rush's monologue about Fluke's contraception situation. It was spot on. What else can you call a woman who publicly says she has so much sex it costs her $3000 a year for contraception, and demands that taxpayers pay for that contraception? Apparently the men she's with aren't paying for the contraception; she ought at least to be charging them for the sex.

Rush's appropriate terminology isn't the issue, the utter in-your-face selfish immorality of an all too typical young woman is the issue.


So.....she can afford to attend one of the most prestigious law schools in America? And she can afford to have an apparently extensive sex life, but she cannot afford to pay for the contraceptives involved to protect herself.

So what is she using? How much do pills cost?

Or is this woman a one woman force to be reckoned with as it concerns her use of 'rubbers?'

$3000 a year? That's a lot of rubbers. Condoms cost what? $1 apiece? Do the math...
Even at $2 apiece, that's that? 1500 times a year?

Slut? Yeah I'd say we are in the neighborhood of correct terminology.

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