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Friday, February 03, 2012


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chuck aka xtnyoda

Rest easy men.

Slow Hand Salute.

Semper Fi

Dan Valascho

it is MORE than obvious that socialism/communism can not exist with Catholicism - or any Christian faith for that matter. that is why Christianity is under attack from the mainstream media.


Cristian united of all denominations, never be vanquished, vote to anyone who this in against of the teachings de Jesus and our bibles is a treason to our God. Unequivocally vote for conservative politicians is more correct to maintain our beliefs in God and continue with the same constitution and amenmets that made the country more just, safe and beautiful with a minimum poverty (not now, we're going wrong due to "change" and a further 4 years WE GO TO DISASTER)


Rest In Peace, Semper Fidelis

calvin anthony

calvin anthony

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