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Sunday, February 19, 2012


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I echo Mr. BH's gentle nudge to find your limb of the body of Christ. Currently, we are undergoing a similar (but not nearly so serious) situation in our lives, and if not for the support of the people in our (orthodox) Anglican church, I'm not sure where my emotional state would be right now. Between having the prayer team lay hands on me last Sunday during communion before the biopsy on Monday, several prayer warriors from our church praying for me/us through the week and my friend and fellow praise & worship leader Janet spontaneously offering prayer at the passing of the peace today in church (as I await the results of the biopsy which will be given on 2/27)....let's just say, I am literally bouyed by the prayers of believers. (Side note: at the time of the biopsy my doctor said his immediate impression was that everything was OK, which is why I say "not nearly so serious.")

And Mr. BH, I am constantly amazed (although I shouldn't be) at how perfect God's timing is. The fact that your family received this news AFTER returning to His fold is just affirmation of that. Prayers continue for you and yours, of course.


Thank you Rick, for your courageous witness and encouragement for the rest of us.

Tim Chesterton

IT's truly an international and interdenominational thing. Today prayers were offered for Linda at St. Margaret's Anglican Church in Edmonton. And will continue to be while this thing is going on.

Time and distance cannot separate those whom Christ has joined together. Dare I say, even left and right can't do it!!!!

chuck aka xtnyoda

I shudder to ponder how folks go it alone, without a spiritual fellowship for support?

Continued in prayers and petitions.



The wife had her 6+ month check up yesterday with the Oncologist and I'm most happy to report that all is well.

There will be one more related procedure in the coming days to undergo and then I think we can officially put this behind us and hope and trust that going forward, all will be well.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

They've sustained us, surely.

I may put something up on its own and expound given time.

Thanks again.


That's good news, Rick. God is so good.

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