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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


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Marc Duhon

Are you friggin kidding me??? Now if George W Bush started a group called Caucasian Americans for Bush..... he would be touted as a racist.... they would probably call it a clan revival.... Its really nauseating how blatantly racist people are these days../..

Annamaria McCoy

Shame on you Obama, you're as racist as racist can get! You have disgraced this country, and purposely disregarded its Constitution. It's time for America to face the problem, and send Obama back to Kenya!!!


Well, the truth has finally come from the horses mouth. Obama is as big a racist as any sheet wearing Klan member.


Obama has an agenda and it is to eradicate democracy which is deep rooted in christianity and vice versa. As this president previously stated "We have this big bad messy democracy" and his goal is to replace it with socialism, which he defines as everyone paying their fair share. Sounds good, until you think about it. Why should you work hard and give your money to those who don't work?

Wake up America! Four more years of Obama and he will tell you that you can't buy or sell unless you participate in his plan which is to bring America to her knees.

Time to send him packing.

Bob Cullom

Let me get this right. Our president is endorsing a movement which requires all African Americans to vote for him BECAUSE he is also African American. Not because he may be the best man for the job but only because of his race, is that it? THAT STINKS!

I voted for this guy because I thought he was the right man, how wrong I was. I'm very sorry I did vote for him and I sure as hell won't make the same mistake again. There is such a thing as reverse racism and friends, this is it! Send this guy packing in November.




All you Racists out there, we have just been given permission to form our own Whites for Sanity clubs. Wow, something finally to be grateful for, from the most blatant racist of all, BO (sound the foghorn!).


Lets do it ourselves if its not racist then lets move and fight whatever ethnicity you are move for your candidate! I am. Email me at and see yourself heard at follow me on twitter @whites4santorum


For christ sake you loons. White men control the universe. The Senate, The House, the richest ppl in America are white males.

republicans don't have to say 'white people' for romney....hell, the majority that voted for mitty are white but that fact you choose to overlook.
And, you also ignorantly and arrogantly choose to overlook the fact that before centuries the ONLY viable candidates were white men...sooooo who do you think black folk voted for??

They overwhelming voted for white men. You ppl are simple minded

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