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Friday, January 13, 2012


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Thank you - I don't think atrocity either. When I first read the account - my initial mental image was Daniel Pearl, then that bridge with the contractors hanging from it, and on and on. This is a classless prank and our government officials should be able to identify the level of difference - or they should get out of the business of government. They are apparently too fragile for the real world - if this is their idea of the worst thing imaginable - they are clueless.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

This is all just silly. Most folks would recoil in horror if they ever got to see some of what happens in Marine Corps boot camp, much less what war is like (the latter includes myself, never been).

This has been blown WAY out of proportion. Video tends to do that. The Marines will handle it. Hopefully they’ll be fair and won’t go “example making“. Anything more than restriction to barracks for a couple weeks is too much.

Let’s move on and not give this more attention than it deserves.

The best part is seeing dead Taliban, can’t get enough of that. Personally I would have sh*t on ‘em.


I like the Alan West update, note perfect.

Iron Mike

I'm not outraged one bit. These soldiers are young men and men of any age make foolish mistakes. What irritates me is when someone like Nidal Malik Hasanl kills 13 people, the media makes excuses why he was motivated to kill (America is EVIL)?

We must tolerate even the most radial muslims because we just don't understand how upset they are at America. Then some nut case preacher decides to burn a koran in Florida and that is an indictment of all American people.

I don't care about the peeing and the taliban didn't either because they were dead. All taliban soldiers should meet their maker and get their 72 virgins. Allah must be working overtime making virgins.

Personally if I was a unit leader, I would train my soldiers not to ever take videos of anything that could outrage a 10th century Afgan citizen living in the 21st century. That would mean there would be no videos (or pictures).

One thing I didn't enjoy about this was the videos of fat Hillary saying how outraged she was. I wonder if she has any Afgan in her?

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