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Friday, January 20, 2012


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So in this world and with this law...what church would be able to continue to conduct weddings since almost all ask for money to pay for facility usage and paying the pastor, musician, janitor and other things...this could easily lead to a NJ style lawsuit for to the supreme court we the meantime...say goodbye to church weddings.

chuck aka xtnyoda

This all might be good in a back handed way.

Scripture never gives the "state" authority to have anything to do with marriage. Wedding licenses were pretty much invented about 150 years ago to keep blacks and whites from marrying. When the state took it upon itself to 'govern' marriage, was a dark night in America.

Next, the scripture never gives the church the authority to grant marriage either. For the church to grasp the 'granting' of marriage was an infringement by the church over the only legitimate biblical authority over who marries who ... and that is none other than the institution we call the family.

This infringement over the family has been going on for a while, and we are seeing the consequences everywhere we turn.

And, yes I 'perform' marriages ... but only after they are fully agreed to by both sets of families. I don't decide who marries who, families do.

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