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Sunday, January 08, 2012


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I would just like to say......



And to paraphrase a very popular Gator cheer: It's be....a BrooooncoGator!

Yes, those of us who are Gators who now follow the Broncos because of TT call ourselves BroncoGators...there are THOUSANDS of us. :)


Just so you can hear what that cheer sounds like:

By the way, as noted above, TT threw for 316 yards against the #1 Steeler defense. Tom Brady only threw for 198 when he played the Steelers. Just sayin'.


316 yards? You don't say. John 3:16 is Tebow's favorite scripture? You don't say.

God makes a point once again IMO.

Kris, in New England

That last play was - well there are no words; I could say Biblical. I have a hoarse throat today from all the screaming I did as Thomas started to run.

Now the dilemma - as a New England girl I am loyal to my home teams. So who do I root for this Saturday? Pats as the home team or Broncos because I just loves me some Tebow!

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