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Thursday, January 26, 2012


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Rick, do not even speak an obama reelection into the universe! We do have the means to make sure this does not happen..newt or no newt!

Kris, in New England

All any Republican nominee has to do to ensure a win come November is this:

Use the facts and only the facts. They don't even have to dig deep to find a huge club with which to beat Obama. Use the man's OWN record, repeatedly.

Because the facts of the past 3 years are enough.


Rick, you obviously missed the all out assault this morning on Drudge. No less than eleven articles pounding Gingrich when the sun came up.

At least Limbaugh had enough presence of mind today to see what was happening and to recognize who was behind it.

Gateway Pundit also posted a good piece later in the day after I had noted it on my blog this morning under "And in the news today."

It is a concerted effort by the GOP party machine and MSM to destroy Gingrich and give their guy Romney the nomination. They have pulled out all the stops including their hired gun pundits like Ann Coulter to try to make the sale to destroy Gingrich.

I am telling you and anyone who cares to listen. right now. Remember where you heard it first. If Romney gets the nomination, Barack Obama gets another four years.


A Nancy Reagan video from '95 here

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