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Friday, December 02, 2011


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No offense, but if Nancy Pelosi is Catholic, then I am the Pope.

The bishops are lobbyist are they? Well.... I guess she has a point. so that would make all ministers and preachers and reverends et al......lobbyist and technically in the sales department of a large global national religious corporation.

See how the liberal mind works? You learn something new about them everyday.

Kris, in New England

I am Catholic; so is my husband's family. He and I are both conservative; the majority of his family, including his parents, are Democrats. It never ceases to amaze me that they can vote for people who support abortion when their faith teaches that it is a sin.


The Bishops and Priest are afraid to tell us Catholic that it is a sin of acceptance if you vote for a abortion and homosexual agenda politician. They want that donation every week. Shame on those "Catholic" who vote for these people.


Pelosi can call herself a devout Catholic, and if I put wheels on my feet I could call myself a wagon too.


Nancy Pelosi calls herself a “devout Catholic”. But according to the laws of the Catholic Church she is not even Catholic since her support for abortion legislation has automatically excommunicated her under Cannon Law 1398. Canon Law 1398 provides that one who procures abortion is automatically excommunicated. Politicians who support abortion are, under church rules, procuring abortions.
The Church has almost 2000 Cannon Laws and penalties for violating each. Cannon Law 1398 is the only one where a law person is automatically excommunicated for a violation.
It is time for the Church to publicly acknowledge this fact.

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