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Sunday, December 11, 2011


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It does break your heart seeing those kids. Can they really be helped/are they being helped by the chairities you listed? I hope so. I will make a donation tonight. We have so much , and it is a fragile wealth in this day and age (being retired). Today while waiting to wash my car, a panhandler was rebuffed by one and came my way. Yeah, I gave, so what if he uses it for something other than food. He needs, I have, and I WILLING gave. Not like Bo wants/demands me to do.

Joe Smith

Before you donate because

Know this...

The president of World Vision, Richard E. Stearns, was paid $380,609 in salary.

The president of food for the poor, Robin G. Mahfood, was paid $388,979 in salary.

The president of Cross International James J. Cavnar's salary was $25,197 but I'm sure its quite more than that as he is involved with numerous other Non-Profits.

BTW, this puts them in the 1%.

Point is, don't feel guilty for what you have, just because you have what others dont, I'm sure that the people listed above have no issue with the money they make, otherwise they wouldn't cash their paychecks. Just do what you can to help those in need.

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