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Saturday, November 19, 2011


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This report hit the media earlier in the week. The bottom line, once again we get a peek at the true agenda being foisted by the homosexual community.

One more revealing look at how egalitarianism truly functions as a destroyer of morals, heritage, history and religious beliefs and practices.

homosexuals will not be content until their lifestyle is not only accepted, but that it is also exalted and worshiped.


This doesn't make any sense. Any business - non-government entity - as the right to do business with or not do business with whomever they choose. In my industry, there are times that someone literally meets state criteria for admission into an assisted living community, but they just wouldn't be a good fit for the community, particularly when it comes to our memory care unit. In such cases, it is perfectly within our right to say to the family that we just aren't going to be able to accommodate their loved one, and we are honest about why. And in such cases, we often refer to a place that would be a better fit for all concerned. I shudder to think what will happen if this suit is allowed to go forth.


The devil will use sin to destroy families and make others accept sin or the government who is immoral (abortion, homosexual agendas) will make you accept it. Show a lot like Sodom and Gomorrah - follow our ways of sin or we will make you do it. Why are we sitting back and allowing a perversion to take over us. I do not hate homosexuals but, I will not follow or agree with that lifestyle. Just like I would not make a person become Catholic why are we allowing sin to to control us. This Country was build on Christian values and it allows people be free and follow there way of life but, WE MUST CONTINUE OUR CHRISTIANS VALUES.


I admire the Christian baker for her stand on this. God Bless her! She needn't compromise her Christian beliefs to please a lesbian couple. It appears they are not content with getting married---they want to have anyone and everyone approve of their lifestyle. If it was just about getting married they would find another baker to do their cake. That's not it. Now they must punish the baker and have notoriety and revenge. I hope they change their mind. The homosexual agenda for many of these couples, demands Christians not only give them what they want but essentially bow down before them as if their needs override all else.

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