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Friday, November 25, 2011


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To which I will add, the stark irony of one turkey pardoning others.

I remember the eight years of Bush and everything that he did somehow was immediately transformed into a moment to hate by those who espoused their tolerance of all things except opposing viewpoints.

As it stands now, I have no hatred for this man. Only an ongoing sickening feeling of fear, worry and embarrassment every time he mounts a stage or is near a microphone or a camera.

Clownish? Without a doubt. America is suffering through the administration of a harlequin jester. A very dangerous clown to say the least.


"We can't pardon these turkeys." Yet when it comes to jobs, even though he says, "we can't wait", when it comes to a Canadian pipeline or drilling oil shale in Ohio, he says the jobs will not disappear, they will only be "delayed".

Delayed by whom, Mr. President? I thought we couldn't wait?

Iron Mike

I was going to say it was ironic that we have some jive talking turkey pardoning a turkey! Someone beat me to it!

Also, was that canned laughter at his attempts to be funny!

I don't know what is worse, the president's lack of common sense or his staff's lack of common sense. It seems the White House thinks the Americans are idiots and we will believe the words Barack Obama reads from the teleprompter.

It seems the Barack Obama reelection campaign plans to make Barack and Michelle, people like us. Michelle shops at Target, Michelle and Jill go to a NASCAR race to say "Start Your Engines" and now the White House will have Country Music Night with COWBOY Barack mc'ing! I can't wait for it! I can see COWBOY Barack riding a shetland pony (similar to his bicycle picture except wearing a big ole cowboy hat instead of his girlish bicycle helmet).


Wow - loads of food for thought here! Thanks so very much for this contrast of class vs. ?? - sorry, I still can't classify the body that took over our government with the express purpose of destroying it.

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