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Wednesday, November 09, 2011


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GM Roper

Rick, it occurs to me that the plethora of reports coming out when Cain was in ascension indicates a Republican Establishment operation. Had it been the Democrats, they would have waited until he had the nomination. The other possibility is that the Dems were afraid that Cain WOULD GET the nomination and whip Obama's ass in the General Election next November.

That being said, it still seems to be a Republican Establishment plot to destroy the front runner. Lots of innuendo but little actual fact, if any at all.

Grass Roots Republicans are disbelieving this and this accounts for his raise in popularity since the first "allegations" (and that is ALL THEY WERE)were made.


An update this morning, now reveals that the most recent accuser (who is currently working in the Treasury Department) also has a colorful history of filing complaints and attempting to bilk money on several occasions based upon harassment type complaints.

In my previous life, I saw a number of these women brought into the work place in the 70's and I witnessed many of them looking to win the lottery by claiming sexual harassment and unfair treatment.

Standards were lowered or completely eliminated in order to facilitate the egalitarian meme of supposed fairness and equality.

I often think back on a banner women's movement movie of the time, Urban Cowboy. And the scene between Debra Winger and John Trivolta after she had ridden the mechanical bull.

Winger remarks, "women can do anything a man can" as she takes a long pull on a long neck beer. Trivolta's character simply smiles and responds: "ever tried pissing on a wall?"

The point being, the forced perspectives of egalitarianism put forth lies as truth and then once reality reveals the falsehood of the premise, the immediate response was and is to seek civil tort to force the perspective via law.

Much as we are presently seeing concerning the homosexual agendas of same sex marriage.

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