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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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I disagree. I think more people are tuned into Cain than you think, judging by what I see on other websites and the social media. A LOT of people no longer care what the MSM thinks or does. I wouldn't count Cain out just yet. And, IMHO, we don't stand the proverbial snowball's chance in hell of winning without Cain due to the fact that Obama is going to place the race card with force this time around. No, I'm not saying "vote for the black man just because he's black" (Cain); I'm saying he has the right motivation and, IMHO, the right qualifications...AND he's black, which is all the better. At this point, I'll vote for whoever ends up being the candidate, but I say again, don't count Cain out just yet.

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