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Sunday, September 18, 2011


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chuck aka xtnyoda

Did a funeral Saturday where the family did not want "Amazing Grace" because that is what everyone else does! :-)

Good lesson Tim.

Heard the story once of the angels hosting a "grace-a-thon" after the judgment day was over to see who had received the greatest amount of "grace" in their lives. Many notorious sinners gave testimony, many receiving grace via death-bed type confessions ... such as the thief on the cross.

Finally a simple man came forth with a testimony that went something like:

"I have no outstanding stories. I lived a simple life. Became a Christian as a child. Grew up in church, and stayed in church until the day I died. I raised my family in church as best as I could. I wasn't perfect by any means, but I never fell into any horrid type life-style."

The angels began to weep and said, "This man received the greatest amount of grace."

Something like that.

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