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Sunday, September 18, 2011


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As I have said in the past, you gotta love Jon Stewart. Once again, he hits the hypocrisy squarely and does so that even in the direness of the reality, the humor is priceless.

But will the mainstream finally seize upon the reality and call out this interloping rogue administration for the criminality of their actions?

Hell no. They never do. It's only when conservatives or (non liberals) make a gaff that the left lean media takes notice.

Like I said, gotta love Jon. He is literally often times the lone voice in the wilderness adn he has to do what he does as comedy for people to even pay attention.


Chicken Little John finally got it right. THE SHY IS FALLEN!


Liberals are incapable of recognizing satirical sarcasm, and their cultural references tend to be limited to the past season of Modern Family. So the reference to Planet of the Apes will go over their heads like a Boeing 767, and they'll assume Stewart's bit about "generations from now when intelligent apes rule over this land" is a racist dig at Obama.

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