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Sunday, September 04, 2011


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I don't know, Lo. The homeowner might have a strong case to sue Apple and/or the police to get some of that cash they've got on hand. Apple cash. I doubt the police have much.

I suspected that Apple went along to help the police identify the Iphone5. I mean, how many people really know what it looks like or how it is different from any other Iphone. But they way the piece is written, it seems like the police were their to assist a private investigation. Were they complicit in an act of breaking and entering? The article was confusing about who did what when to whom. Seems like the police did something similar for Apple a month ago with a homeowner's permission. Lots of questions. Very few answers.

I can imagine, if I had reason to think a neighbor had stolen something from me, that police might search with my help to identify the item, say, a ring or something. But they would need a report and a warrant, wouldn't they? The problem might be more in how the article is written than in what actually happened. The article certainly raises more questions than it answers.

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