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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


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I am sorry Rick. I don't see it. and worse, i don't believe that it will gain any traction at all with the MSM in America.

I have absolutely no love or respect for the woman, almost to a lesser extent than I do her husband, but this snipped isn't exactly a smoking gun IMO.

If the same had been said of Laura Bush in a tape? I would find it hard to believe. I don't find it hard to believe here, but I do find the evidence weak at best.

To bring this to the forefront it will take professional lip readers lined up from here to the Statue of Liberty standing on cases of bibles before the MSM will ever show any interest or pay it any 'kip service.' (Pun intended)

I don't need to read her lips personally. i have seen enough of her body language to be able to read her disgust and contempt for this nation and it's people.

Perhaps there are a few more dozen million of the same opinion as me come next November. I hope so.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

I'm with Lo, we have plenty on her and him to not have to resort to this type of Grassy Knoll type of stuff.

Here’s a picture form 9/11 that speaks volumns about President Smugness -


Thanks Tim. I went over to Bookworm's site and having read those comments, I am of the opinion that he is closer to the meat of the issue on this piece of video and what it represents.

Looking at what was taking place and their reaction to it, the whispering and the smug smirking etc. between the two. There is where the real story lies on what we are seeing in this video.

As I said at Bookworm's and elsewhere, nothing has changed since the woman first voiced her opinion that she had never been proud of this country until we elected her husband president.

Nothing has changed. She has no pride in this country, only contempt and you can see it on a routine basis in her body language and her mannerisms and the way she carries and conducts herself in the role of first lady.

There is disgust alright. The problem is, not enough Americans are rightfully disgusted with this family and what they have done to damage this nation and the institution of the presidency.

One thing that Mitt Romney got right in the debate the other night was his reminder of the quote of Winston Churchill when he said: "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else."

We are still in the process of trying everything else and maybe (just maybe) come 2012 we will have reached the end of 'everything else' with this interloping anti American, capitalist hater and his rogue administration.


I just do not have words to say. What a sad day that we have such leaders in this Country.


I have now watched it a dozen or so times and the only word I can make out is the last word "flag". I do not see the "error of her ways" in this clip, in fact she may have been making a somber comment and reacting in a like wise manner.

Mind you I am not an Obama or Michelle supporter but I think we are grasping at straws here to make this into a disrespectful comment. Like others have said there are "plenty" of concrete examples of where their allegations fall. I do not think this video falls into that category.


I was careful in the post to suggest that maybe things aren't what they appear to be...

But I'm convinced that she's dissing some aspect of this ceremony...

Whether I'm right or wrong we'll never know... but given this couple, odds are, I'm right...

Morgan K Freeberg

The explanation is worse than the incrimination, and they should've just kept their mouths shut.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Rick, at the risk of beating a horse with rigor mortis…

“Whether I'm right or wrong we'll never know... but given this couple, odds are, I'm right…”

Sounds familiarly like Dan Rather.

As I said over at Morgan’s-

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…we’ve got half a billion (!) wasted on yet another failed solar power company, the Justice Dept. sending guns to Mexican drug cartels, staggering high unemployment remaining at a even more staggering number of consecutive months, the president wants to give ANOTHER 400 billion to his union cronies under the guise of “jobs”…Libya is turning into a Islamic state, Iran marches on toward their 13 Imam nuclear resurrection, all of Europe is about to become broke, Israel is struggling to keep their ‘Kill the Zionists” neighbors at the gates…

And I should be reading lips, analyzing the supposed meaning…when I’ve seen and heard plenty from Michelle Antoinette and Barry the Commie to now what these vermin are ALL about.

Have we all lost our bloody stupid minds!?!

Next slide…


It doesn't even matter what she said. Her expression and eye-rolling are disparaging enough.


This is a man who saw nothing wrong with proclaiming 9/11 to be National Grandparents Day. I thought that proclamation was a spoof at first, but no, it's real:

365 days in a year, and Obama thinks 9/11 ought to be known as Grandparents Day.

What. The. Hell.

I find it completely believable that ol' Michelle and Barry would be mocking and laughing during a presentation of the American flag on 9/11. They have absolutely no concept of the gravity of that day, and even less interest in respecting it.


I've caught grief over at Wizbang as to this post... and so I'm not surprised that I'd catch some here...

I think what we this video depicts is relevant to the character and the ideology represented by the Obamas. I don't think for a minute that focusing on their radicalism is a distraction. And now with so many in the 'sphere covering this, I'm feeling vindicated.

I am in no means an Obama-zombie or supporter, but it appears she said "They don't know how to fold a flag?" Then she shakes her head in disapproval. Being a former Color Gaurd, I know the importance of knowing the steps and ceremonial rituals, especially on that large a stage. They were taking quite a while to figure it out. In the end, the only people who really know are the Obamas and I'm sure they have much worse anti-American secrets than flag folding.

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