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Monday, August 29, 2011


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Verizon has concocted a similar ruse. About a month ago, we received a notice that "unlimited data plans would no longer be available."

In essence, if you have an existing data plan (I do) which covers email and internet access, then when you go to renew your contract or any new customers getting phones with Verizon, will be required to go on the Verizon pay as you go menu for data use. So much for every so many gigs of usage each month etc.

Meanwhile? WalMart and their "Straight Talk" phones are looking better by the day. $45 a month? And unlimited minutes, TXT and Internet and no contract.

Color me gone when they try and pull that crap come renewal time. (PS They have to allow you to keep your number when you leave).

We have been playing a similar game for the last three years with Comcast on cable, phone and internet. Every time we threaten to leave, they decide that they can give us the deal that we asked for.

Michael Laprarie

We are walking away from Sprint for the same reason. Plus the fact that the voice-only phones they are currently offering are cheap crap. We wanted to get new phones since ours are 4 years old, but the "new" Sprint voice only phones are a downgrade from the phones we have. I considered upgrading to a smart phone, but no smart phones without expensive data plans from Sprint. No thanks.


Those Straight Talk plans look very tempting, Lo. But AT&T is really the only cell provider in the rural area I live. (Don't tell them I said that!)

I am very happy with the refurbished Motorola Atrix I got for free (with no upgrade fee). Last week I also upgraded my wife's phone with an HTC Inspire for free, no data plan(the Atrix was sold out.) Now we are going to add a line for my son and use my wife's old smartphone (Samsung Jack) on that line so there's no contract.... and again, NO DATA PLAN. So, we will be paying AT&T quite a bit for the next two years. Win - win, maybe. If they try to throw a data plan on one of those lines, I'll let you know.


When I called to activate my son's phone they tried again to tell me it had to have a data plan... until they read the notes. Seems to me, if their plans were worthwhile, they would let the customer decide. Their desperation to make people buy their data tells me that they cannot sell it on it's merit alone.

Donna Landthrip

So, I too have a smart phone without a data plan through AT&T, I too grandfathered in because my old phone was using wifi before they required data, and I too had to call multiple times to get the no data settled despite being told I could do it. But, I didn't think I could get them to do it for my daughters too. Are you saying if I called and argued to have smartphones without data for my daughters they would do it based on the notes for my account?


Ms. Landthrip, I tried to send this twice with my phone but it didn't go through. Maybe I do need a stinkin' data plan! :) I am saying they might. Give it a try. They said the only reason they did it for my son was because that particular phone (my wife's old phone) had been on an account that didn't have a data plan. Seems silly to me... but that is what they said. Anyway, I had to "kick and scream" (calmly, of course) to make it happen. It seems to help if you can threaten to switch carriers. Let us know what happens. I hope it works for you.

Fred S.

BroKen, I had an HTC Pure with no data plan for 2 years, with AT&T. My SIM card died, new one installed, and the AT&T system perceived that as a new smartphone. Now their system automatically adds the data plan, and I'm being told by customer service that it's no longer possible to have it removed. Do you have any citations or other ways to steer the customer reps to the notes that say you don't need a data plan?


All I can suggest is that you get to a supervisor as soon as possible and .Athel threaten to leave att if they insist on forcing the data plan on you. One thing I suggested to the sales rep who wanted me to send this ATRIX back to them was, "As far as you are concerned, I just dropped my phone in the toilet. I'll get a cheap dumb phone and carry it and the ATRIX, using the ATRIX w/out a sim card as a PDA." She said, "You could do that." Insane! Send them to this article and maybe they'll relent...( and maybe pull the plug on my phone, too! :)

I hope this helps. Let us know what happens.

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