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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


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I disagree with your primary premise: that the jury somehow failed to make the right decision given the evidence and only acquitted Casey Anthony because of some emotional response to the prosecutor. You and I weren't in the courtroom. We (meaning the nation) watched on TV. We did not watch this case from their point of view and with the pages of instructions and limitations from the bench. Most of American watched it be "tried" on TV by the likes of Nancy dis-Grace. Thankfully, I actually did not watch it on TV at all except for the reading of the verdict yesterday afternoon, and that was only because the tour I was giving to a family (of the assisted living community where I am marketing director) landed in one of the living rooms where this circus was being televised just as the judge said, "the defendant will rise." I did read short and factual reports with some regularity that specifically covered what was said or revealed in the courtroom each day - which is basically what the jury heard and saw. I would have come to the same conclusion as this jury. There simply was not enough evidence to convict this young woman beyond a reasonable doubt, partially due to the incompetence of law enforcement in investigating the case in the first place. Given this extremely dysfunctional family from which nothing would surprise me, the defense's case is credible and served to cast doubt on the prosecutions weak case. I have nothing but respect for this jury for making such an incredibly difficult decision DESPITE the emotions of the case and the undoubtedly strong temptation to convict based on gut feelings and emotional response to the death of an innocent little girl.

As for justice for Caylee, I am of the mind that justice on this earth is fleeting and often misguided. God is the ultimate and final judge, so we need not get our panties all in a knot because this case didn't go the way we thought it should. Casey will one day face her Maker along with the rest of us. Only He knows her heart, and since with God all things are possible, He may just be seeing Casey through the filter of Jesus if she has repented (or does repent at some future date) and accepts Him as Lord of her life and into her heart.

You know that brings some scriptures to mind: the entire chapter of Luke 15 and Romans 8:2-11. God loves Casey just as much as He loves me or you or any other of His creations. The difference (for me and presumably for you) is, that we HAVE repented and look to Christ as our Messiah, our Savior. Only God knows each heart. It is not for us to condemn.


"One day, God will pour out justice on Casey Anthony. Or Christ will bear it for her. And so it is with all of us." ~ Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North. Such a good reminder to all of us of the grace we do not deserve, but was given to us. (my friend Brooke on her Facebook wall)

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