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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


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Is this idiot the Keith Overbite replacement? They haven't strayed from the mold. Love to keep the angry left alive. How many times has TIME had Obowma on their cover?

Morgan K Freeberg

If you really have confidence in your opinions about any given topic, you don't need to go policing how other people find out about it. Except, I suppose, maybe to stop an echo when some demonstrably false statements are made about it; that's clearly not what O'Donnell is doing here.

Hey, if she really can't win, let's prove it.

Morgan K Freeberg

Wonder how Larry feels about this?


I wonder if Last-Word-Larry the MSNBC Zoimbie is going to go just as nuts when he finds out that his new boss COMCAST has a per "UNDEFEATED" 13 min Sarah Palin spot on E!. You have to see it Last-Word-Larry, it's all about the TRUTH, and Larry-get use to saying LANDSLIDE & MADAM PRESIDENT
Palin 2012 & 2016***take it to the bank***trust me-I'm good at this !!!!!!

Tony B

Lawrence O'Donnell will not be around much longer. He has been out of control for a long time now and he is killing MSNBC (it that is possible being I may be the only person watching - Morning Joe for laughs). He cannot control his hatred which is the MO for most radical leftist. O'Donnell is a little different in that he usually foams at the mouth, a sign that the mutated liberal virus may have affected his brain.

geo 11

Larry O'Donnell is a tool. The man is a friggin idiot. I wish that he remain an MSNBC spokesperson forever and drive their viewership further into the toilet.

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