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Monday, July 18, 2011


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Tim Chesterton

It is an inspiring read. However, I suspect the story might be a little different if he came to a different decision about God's will for him in terms of celibacy. It's a lot easier for churches to accept gay people when they're single.

And in case anyone's wondering, yes, I speak from personal experience. One of my children.


Would love to hear more Tim...


I pray that the writer finds that the homosexual feelings are the devils vise. He will use sin to commit sin. I pray that your will and prayers are answered. Homosexuality is an sin against God like all sin. It is a sin of the flesh and immoral. Ask your Guardian Angel as well as Our Blessed Mother to rid you of these sinful thoughts. Also the prayer of Exorcism can be useful in the demons of this sin. It is a unnatural perversion and you can overcome it. Do not fail into the liberal trap of "I am born this way" or God excepts me no matter what. There is nothing gay about being homosexual gay means happy. Lets call a sin a sin and ask for forgiveness and protection from evil. God love and Bless you.

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